Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Nose Inside My Studio

Afternoon lovely blog readers! Today I thought I'd show a few behind-the-scenes photos from my studio/workspace/factory. I'm lucky enough to have a garden studio that my brilliant and supportive parents built a few years ago, but unfortunately it's so cold in the winter that I've only just properly moved in! Cheers to the British summer. It's a bazillion times better than working in my bedroom, as there is more space, fewer distractions and I feel I'm in an actual work space rather than a personal space. Also I have to actually get dressed into something that isn't pyjamas before starting work. That something may only be leggings and a t shirt, but it is definitely a step towards productivity.

I'm not sure anyone else will be interested in this, but I love nosing at peoples studios, desks and workspaces. It's like a peek into someone's creative mind space. If you also love being nosy, you will probably have heard of The Selby... if you haven't, have a look now. You will not be disappointed. I can only dream of having a home so wonderful as those. Further nosy internet reading is It's Nice That's blog feature 'Bookshelf', which takes a good long look at creatives reading lists and studio bookshelves. So good.

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  1. Looking at peoples work spaces/homes is one of my favourite things. I'm so nosy but I find it so intriguing.