Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I just blue myself.

So... who's excited for season 4 of Arrested Development on Sunday?! I think Netflix is going to crash! I'm pleased to say that my new collection is almost ready, and will be for sale in my online shop from Saturday. It's a small range, featuring some of my favourite running jokes and characters from the show. I hope you like them! Below is a selection of the pieces....

1. Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Brooch
2. Stair Car Brooch
3. Douche Chill! Brooch

As a special launch celebration of season 4, I will be giving away a free pair of Frozen Banana earrings with the first 4 orders from the Arrested Development collection on Etsy! I'll also be doing a Twitter giveaway, so keep an eye out - my Twitter name is @helloiamkate 


  1. The babana brooch it's so cute ^^

    Sofia G