Thursday, 24 January 2013

A day in the life of me.

Why hello there. Last weekend I was asked to create a blog post for Maker's Boutique, documenting a typical working day. I did this all on Monday, and then forgot to post it, oops. So here it is, 4 days later...

Most of my mornings begin, surprisingly, with breakfast and watching the news. I try to get up reasonably early to work, as it's so easy to fall into a habit of laying in when you work from home! I usually spend the morning checking emails and orders.

I had two big orders this week from Hannah Zakari and Lik + Neon - so it feels a bit like a small factory line at the moment! Whilst I'm working on repetitive tasks (like cutting up labels.... zzzz...) I usually listen to the radio or watch tv shows. I find it impossible to concentrate in silence.

In the afternoon I usually start wrapping individual orders from my Etsy and Not On The High Street shops. I enjoy spending time making the orders look lovely and presentable - opening beautifully wrapped items is one of the best things about buying handmade.

I head to the post office in the afternoon, to avoid the morning queues of old people! It's been snowing the past few days, which makes my trip much more magical.

My studio currently resides in my bedroom, which is great as I get to be in a comfortable environment, but it's also a bit small and I never escape work! Above is one of my shelves, containing essential studio equipment. Toy dinosaurs, check. DVD collection, check. Harry Potter puppet pals handmade by my amazing sister, check!

In the late afternoon I usually have a break from working, and go to the gym (great if I've had a frustrating day) or just relax for a while. Then back to work in the evening! This afternoon I had to go and collect a new batch of jewellery from the laser cutting workshop, and deliver an order to Lik + Neon in East London, so its been a busy day.


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